In order to help patients and physicians gain a greater understanding of vitiligo, the following resources are available:

Recommended Reading
Handbook of Vitiligo: Basic Science and Clinical Management
By: Iltefat H Hamzavi (Editor), Bassel H Mahmoud (Editor), Prescilia N Isedeh (Editor)
Hardcover: 202 pages
Publisher: JP Medical Publishers, 2016
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1907816968

ISBN-13: 978-1907816963


Vitiligo 2010 Edition
By: Mauro Picardo (Editor), Alain Taïeb (Editor)
Hardcover: 483 pages
Publisher: Springer; 2010 edition (January 29, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3540693602
ISBN-13: 978-3540693604





Vitiligo is Not a Cosmetic Disease

VitilVitiligo is not a cosmetic disease.go is not a cosmetic disea

Afamelanotide and Narrowband UV-B Phototherapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo

Antioxidants and narrow band-UVB in the treatment of vitiligo: a double-blind placebo controlled trial.

Oral dexamethasone pulse treatment for vitiligo.

Comorbid autoimmune diseases in patients with vitiligo: A cross-sectional study.

The prevalence of thyroid disease in patients with vitiligo: a systematic review.

Autoimmune thyroid disease in vitiligo: multivariate analysis indicates intricate pathomechanisms.


Increased Expression of CXCR3 and its Ligands in Vitiligo Patients and CXCL10 as a Potential Clinical Marker for Vitiligo.

Mutant HSP70 reverses autoimmune depigmentation in vitiligo.

Cellular stress and innate inflammation in organ-specific autoimmunity: lessons learned from vitiligo.

CXCL10 is critical for the progression and maintenance of depigmentation in a mouse model of vitiligo.

Variant of TYR and autoimmunity susceptibility loci in generalized vitiligo.

Confetti-like depigmentation: A potential sign of rapidly progressing vitiligo.

An objective method for the assessment of vitiligo treatment.

Development and validation of a vitiligo-specific quality-of-life instrument (VitiQoL).

Melanocyte-keratinocyte transplantation procedure in the treatment of vitiligo: the experience of an academic medical center in the United States.

Guidelines for designing and reporting clinical trials in vitiligo.

Developing core outcome set for vitiligo clinical trials: international e-Delphi consensus.