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Vitiligo experts representing the VWG have been reaching out to the news media and the public to help enlighten and educate about vitiligo. Watch here for news coverage of our public awareness and patient education efforts in communities and media around the world.

NEW  - 2019 U.S. National World Vitiligo Day


Dallas-Fort Worth Vitiligo Support Group 3rd Annual Walkathon

Dermatologist Explains Vitiligo with Factory Metaphor

Why Dermatologists Say There is Hope for Girls with Vitiligo

4 Ways Girls with Vitiligo Can Join the ‘Step Up For Vitiligo’ Campaign

Step Up For Vitiligo

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New Discoveries in Regulating Pigmentation

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Dermatologists Campaign to Raise Awareness and Support for Vitiligo

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What it is Really Like Living With Vitiligo
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Area Woman Raises Awareness for Vitiligo
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Awareness Campaign Aims to Bring Attention to Vitiligo
Plastic Surgery Practice News
Team Of Leading Dermatologic Experts From the Vitiligo Working Group Step Up United Efforts to Heighten Awareness and Support for Vitiligo, A Chronic Autoimmune Disease Affecting 70+ Million People Worldwide
Vitiligo Working Group; Henry Ford Health System

Solving the Vitiligo Puzzle - Experts Debunk 11 Pervasive Vitiligo Myths

By Denise Mann

Not Just Cosmetic: For Afflicted, Vitiligo is a Serious Matter 

Geraldine A. Collier, Correspondent -

Vitiligo: Truth, Hope and Change Wins an Award

The Vitiligo Working Group's video, "Vitiligo: Truth, Hope and Change" wins the prestigious 2016 Telly Award of Excellence for director/producer Gordon Recht of Gordon Recht Productions in the Online Video-Charitable/Non-Profit category.

Step Up for Vitiligo: More to Know About Vitiligo
Dana McGlynn, Toronto Skin Care Examiner

News Release March 3, 2016: Vitiligo Working Group Launches a Ground-Breaking Public Awareness Campaign, Step Up for Vitiligo, at the 74th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

At the heart of the multi-faceted initiative is a compelling new educational video,

Vitiligo: Truth, Hope, and Change” featuring a wide range of patients.